Book Promotions & Visual Marketing for Authors, Publishers, and Publishing Projects

Sending your book out into the world is a thrilling and scary thing to do.

Your labor of love deserves breathless anticipation and waves of excitement on its release.

Like many authors we’ve worked with, you want to make an impact with your work. You want to please your publisher with strong sales, stand out amongst your peers and reach as many people as possible.

To do that, your promotion needs to be different. That’s where we can help.

We create beautifully designed visual pieces based on strong, meaningful messages. If you’re an author or publisher, we can open up doors to audiences that might otherwise have missed you amidst the noise of the crowded book market. The experience is memorable, the spread is viral, and the message becomes a cherished part of each reader’s world.

How Do Visual Promotions Help Market Your Message?

Unlike standard written reviews or promotional materials for a book, your core message and theme is communicated in a matter of seconds when you do it visually. Word spreads (and books sell).

Our visual promotions stand out. They’re fun and friendly, and they don’t look like direct sales pieces (that we’ve been trained to ignore). Your audience is more inclined to pay attention, rather than blanking out your message as “advertising noise”.

What’s more, we’re on hand to advise you on style and methods to use them as part of your existing marketing strategy — and get the best return on your investment.

We have endless ideas to complement your current marketing strategy with visual promotional pieces, and we’ll help you find the best options for your audience and publishing goals. When your credibility is on the line, it’s time to produce something truly remarkable!

Want examples? Use funny, insightful illustrated promotional pieces to spread your message virally. Turn early adopters into raving fans and evangelists by bundling high quality, commemorative art prints with the first 1000 purchases of your book. Use illustrated shorthand in your promotions so that your readers can quickly and easily implement your suggestions, and spread the word to their colleagues.

Take a look at this passion-based collaboration we set ourselves — an animated promotional video to communicate the message of Seth Godin’s “Lizard Brain” as featured in his book: Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

What’s It Like To Work With You?

On a personal level, we’re friendly, professional, and downright excitable when it comes to working with passionate people like you. Our work is great fun for us, and spreading important ideas is very close to our hearts.

Our process is straightforward: We listen to your vision and marketing strategy. We absorb your book’s message and consult with you to select primary themes. We brainstorm ways to get your message out. Then we start illustrating (and we’re happy to share the development process with you along the way).

In the end, we transform your ideas into a visual knock-out that draws attention to your work, promotes and teaches your ideas, and sells more books.

The illustrated pieces we produce are high resolution and print-ready. You can use them for…

  • Printed posters
  • Online promotions
  • Thank-you gifts
  • Contest awards
  • Website imagery

..or even as memorabilia prints for people to purchase. All of these options (and thensome!) are simple for us to build into your project.

What’s more, we can take individual elements of the overall piece and have them prepared for you to use as smaller banners, one off promo images, thumbnails — you name it. This way, you can create countless marketing pieces for your book from a single illustrated design piece, and keep your brand consistent throughout.

We’re constantly generating new ideas for how to use these pieces, so feel free to hop on the phone or email and ask us what we think. (We love that.)

This Sounds Exciting! What Should I Do If I’m Interested (Or Just Have A Few Questions)?

If you love the idea of having custom designed artwork and illustrated promotional material for your launch, we’d love to talk to you.

  • Call us at 512-364-0045 — that’s Megan’s direct line — or,
  • drop us an email at

(If you’d like to see more examples of our visual marketing pieces, you’re in luck. Just click on the thumbnails in the sidebar and below!)